History of Friedens Church

Description: http://www.friedens-church.org/images/sanctuary.jpgFriedens Church was founded on January 18, 1896. The vision for a church in the Geronimo area took shape with the missionary zeal of the Rev. John Albert Kypfer of the St. Martin's Church in Hortontown. He conducted services at Specht and Frankfort Schools to the eager worshippers in the area. With the leadership of ten faithful men and their families a letter that formed Friedens Church was signed. The name Friedens was chosen because of the rich German heritage of the group. The word Friedens meaning "peace." The Rev. J. G. Muelder of the St. Martin Lutheran Church was the minister.

In January of 1904 the need for a permanent Sanctuary was apparent A central location was found, at the site of what is now known as Friedens Church and Barbarossa Roads. After the property was acquired, the group quickly moved forward to collect the necessary funds for the building, With cooperation and a great deal of volunteer work the new church stood ready in the fall of 1904. However, due to a strike, the fine wooden pews for the Sanctuary were not available for delivery. So the dedication was postponed until March 26, 1905.

In the early 1900's the church moved forward. A parsonage was erected near the Sanctuary. In 1912 the tradition of outreach and mission resulted in Friedens Church and the Rev. Joseph Jaworski founding Cross Church in Seguin.
As the years passed a new organ, silver baptismal bowl and silver communion were added. In 1920 the Women's Guild was organized. This group has continued to serve the church throughout its history.

In 1925 worship services in English were introduced. The year 1942 brought about the building of the Parish Hall. In 1945 stained glass windows were installed in the Sanctuary. These windows depicting the life of Christ remain to grace our worship services today. A storm severely damaged the Sanctuary in 1947, which then brought about renovations. In 1955 the educational unit was added and dedicated and in 1963 a new parsonage was built and dedicated.

The merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Church in 1957 brought changes for Friedens Church. The name was then changed to Friedens United Church of Christ.

In 1970 the Sanctuary was named a Texas Historical Landmark. That year also brought the addition of a balcony and a new narthex. In the early 1980's an 11 rank pipe organ was installed to enhance the worship services. To further enhance our service to God and our community a new Activity Center was constructed. Then in 1994 another addition was made to the educational building. In 1995 a new communion preparation room was completed.

The year 1996 brought the Centennial Celebration of Friedens Church. Throughout that year the congregation celebrated the many blessings God had bestowed upon Friedens Church over the years. That year also brought about the completion of the new pastor's office and a newly remodeled Youth Hall.

Each of these events has contributed to the life of Friedens Church and its congregation. But the greatest building to take place at Friedens over these 100 plus years has been the deep faith and love built upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ.