FELA Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

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Friedens Early Learning Academy is committed to providing a stimulating environment in which happy and wholesome physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth can take place. FELA is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. We are governed by our Friedens Early Learning Academy Advisory Board, which is made up of church members, parents, pastors and FELA director. Our mission is to create dignity and worth in each child, while encouraging children to make their own choices in a warm, loving Christian atmosphere. Curriculum and learning based classrooms offer children an interactive environment for exploring new horizons.

Friedens Early Learning Academy is a twelve-month, full day program offered to children 18 months to twelve years of age. FELA is divided into three divisions: the toddlers, preschoolers, and FAST (Friedens After School Time). Toddlers are age 18 months through age two. Preschoolers are ages three, four, and five. Our FAST program supports children in kindergarten up to age twelve. Our school hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday-Friday.


Friedens Early Learning Academy believes that the preschool child should be able to develop at his or her own pace in a structured, yet relaxed atmosphere. This atmosphere should encourage spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth.

Many questions begin to arise as the children discover the world around them. They not only learn about themselves, but about God’s gift in nature. The children develop a caring attitude for all creation.

We encourage children to use thinking and reasoning skills in all daily activities. Children learn that they are very special and unique individuals. We teach the children that God is love, God created all living things, and that God cares for everyone.

Our hope is that this preschool curriculum program will not only provide a well-balanced program, but also include opportunities for children to develop wholesome attitudes toward themselves and others.



FELA provides a school calendar at the beginning of each school year. The administrative staff will inform you of any changes. We print reminders and updates in our monthly newsletter, send out e-mails or use the Remind app. There are times when school closings may interfere with family schedules, and we do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. For families who may need childcare during school closings, teachers and parents have made the following suggestions:

  • Schedule a “play date” with other families
  • Network with other parents
  • Hire a childcare provider to provide care in a classmate's home
  • Be informed and plan ahead



In the event of an unplanned school closing, the administrative staff will contact each parent by phone, radio announcement, Remind app, or social media.



  • FELA will follow Navarro I.S.D. procedures for school closings. Parents should listen to news reports for this information. In the event N.I.S.D. is closed due to holidays, etc., the school will notify the local radio station.
  • If weather conditions necessitate closing once classes have started, we will contact parents by phone, radio announcement, Remind app, or social media.
  • FELA will call all parents to pick up their children immediately, should it become necessary to close the school. A staff member will stay until all children are picked up.



Our highly qualified and trained staff joins with parents to promote the healthy development of the whole child. Staff members devote hours of preparation and planning for nurturing and teaching the children in their care.


FELA recognizes the need to provide quality education for teachers in our program. Our commitment to flexible hours and continued education is one way we attract and maintain our highly motivated, trained staff. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission requires each teacher to participate in 24 hours of professional development. CPR and First Aid is a requirement for all teachers. Many teachers exceed this amount by attending workshops and with their own personal dedication to continued education.


The administrative staff, teachers, and parents of Friedens Early Learning Academy share a commitment to provide a highly rated early childhood program where every child can grow spiritually, morally, academically, culturally, socially, and physically while he or she matures in Christ.

The following goals are an important part of Friedens Early Learning Academy Preschool Program.

  • FELA treats children with dignity and respect in all aspects of learning. The staff is committed to providing an environment where children are happy, relaxed, and involved in classroom activities.
  • The daily schedule provides balance for children to interact with each other in both large and small group settings as well as individually, by offering individual, group, active, quiet, indoor and outdoor learning experiences. All activities are developmentally appropriate.
  • Children have a genuine curiosity about their world and the world around them. The staff provides opportunities for the children to study the world around them, including other cultures, people, and religions, by studying about how other families interact within their world.
  • Children learn by “doing” and “hands-on experiences.” The staff plans many activities to allow the children to have opportunities to use all areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development.
  • The classroom is to be a busy, noisy, happy environment where children can play and learn, while advancing in all areas of development.
  • Children learn through self and staff initiated activities. Learning centers encourage children to share, take turns, and develop both large and small muscle coordination. They also help children learn responsibility, encourage self-expression, and teach children to treat others kindly and with self-respect.
  • “Group time” or “circle time” is a vital part of each day. The teachers encourage children to participate in a group setting while singing songs, sharing ideas, and listening to stories.
  • The teachers strive to implement these good practices of early childhood education in an environment that promotes balance and spiritual awareness toward the attitude of learning.


Christian education is an important and natural part of the daily preschool program. Children pray before meals, say special prayers for family and friends, sing songs to God, celebrate major holidays throughout the school year, hear stories, and watch videos suitable for their age development.

Our children, except for our youngest class, enjoy “chapel” services twice a week during the school year, as well as during the summer months. Parents are always welcome to participate in chapel services. The director/administrative staff will answer any questions you may have about this experience.



In accordance with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Minimum Standards, discipline must be individualized and consistent for each child and directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control.

FELA is dedicated to fostering positive self-esteem in children. The staff recognizes and understands the need for children to express and manage their own feelings. Children work out difficulties with other children on their own, with guidance from the teacher as deemed necessary. Our staff achieves these goals only through a positive attitude of understanding and guidance. Children learn by example, with fair and consistent rules, in a relaxed atmosphere. The staff fully recognizes the limitations of a young child’s ability to maintain emotions or control reactions. Children receive clear direction and guidance based on each child’s level of understanding.

Measures we use include redirection by stating alternatives when their behavior is unacceptable (Ex: “Blocks are for building, not throwing; try throwing the ball.”), talking with the child about the incident, taking away a privilege, or cleaning the area. There are times when teachers must remove distressed children from a situation and allow them “private time” or “thinking time” to quiet themselves and to regain self-control.

The goal of FELA is to help children understand why their conduct is unacceptable and what is acceptable in a given situation, while becoming self-guided and self-disciplined. If a child injures another child, the offending child will assist with the care of the injured child. An incident report will be given to the parents of both children.

Good behavior is recognized and encouraged. FELA prohibits the use of physical punishment, humiliation, or scolding of any kind. At NO time will a child be physically punished, threatened, humiliated, intimidated, or subjected to abusive or profane language.

Our goal, in accordance with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, is to ensure the safety of ALL students. Many children do not have the verbal skills to resolve conflict to get their point across. This is cognitively and developmentally appropriate as children experience cause and effect by learning consequences of their actions. Teachers and parents must work together to teach/model appropriate behavior. We reserve the right to dismiss a child from Friedens Early Learning Academy due to the behavior of the child or parents. Parents will be given a copy of Minimum Standards Subchapter L, Discipline, and Guidance.


Friedens Early Learning Academy may terminate the enrollment of a student due to the behavior of the child or parents. FELA makes every effort to assimilate the student and correct disruptive behavior. The staff applies the following step to solve behavioral problems:

  • The child is disciplined in accordance to previously outlined policy.
  • A parent/teacher and director conference is held.

After these options have been exhausted and the child’s behavior continues to interfere with the orderly care and education of other students, the student will be dismissed from our program.


All children will promote at the beginning of each school year unless early promotion is recommended by the FELA staff. Early promotions play a part in the problems of availability in a different age group. Promoting mid-year can result in children of too dissimilar ages, knowledge, social skills, and possibility of having to repeat a grade level curriculum.



Friedens Early Learning Academy pledges equal access to all children regardless of race, economic status, lifestyle, religion, sex, disability, or national origin. Parents of prospective students are welcome anytime but are encouraged to make an appointment to tour and observe classes in session and discuss any questions they might have with the administrative staff.

A completed registration packet is required to enroll a new or returning student into the program. The non-refundable registration fee is due at time of registration. The registration/supply fee is used to purchase supplies.

The children enrolled in our program must meet the applicable immunization requirements as stated in Minimum Standards and Guidelines of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Immunization documentation must be the original immunization record or a photocopy of the record. The immunization record must include the child’s name and date of birth, vaccine type and doses, the date child received the vaccination and the signature or stamp of physician or other healthcare professional that administered the vaccine. FELA does not accept religious exemptions for immunizations. If your child has a medical exemption they must supply FELA with a signed affidavit from the health department or child’s physician.

Children four years old or older are required to have a hearing and vision screening. Children are required to turn in the proper certification from their doctor for our records.

Friedens Early Learning Academy employees are not required to have immunizations. It is left to their own discretion as to what immunizations they will receive.

Parents are responsible for notifying FELA with any changes to information in your registration packet. This includes addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, emergency contact information, recent immunizations, etc.

Children entering the three-year-old program must be potty-trained.


FELA provides a 30-day written notification to parents of any policy changes regarding enrollment.


To keep our children safe, each family will be required to purchase a $10 dollar key FOB for any person who frequently drops off or picks up FELA students. Any lost FOBs should be reported to FELA immediately so that they can be deactivated. A replacement FOB will cost $15. FOBs should not be shared with persons who do not have a FOB registered to them. These persons must still check in at the FELA office with a picture ID to be authorized to pick up a child.


FELA uses a blended curriculum, which introduces numbers, letters, phonics, science, safety, manners, arts, crafts, songs, and Bible stories. Activities designed to enrich communication skills and language development are included.

The long-term curriculum goals for Friedens Early Learning Academy foster the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development of each child. Children learn through experiences and self-discovery. Children who experience a child-centered environment learn:

  • To interact within their world
  • To share and treat others kindly and with respect
  • To use receptive and expressive language
  • To accept constructive criticism, in order to adjust to changes in the environment
  • That they are important

The teachers expose the students to a variety of small and large group activities that incorporate a variety of background, cultural and educational experiences to bridge the gap between home and school and lay the foundation for future learning.


  • Music
  • Chapel
  • Computers (older children)
  • Spanish (older children)
  • Sign language


The teacher will prepare a daily schedule indicating when each subject begins and ends. The schedule will be inclusive of outside, nap, and meal times. A posted copy is located on the parent information board outside each classroom.


Preschool children at times receive “homework” assignments such as wearing a certain color or bringing in an item from home. Parents who are supportive and involved in their child’s education play a vital role of success of the child.


Toddler/preschool children are required to have nap/rest time after lunch. Friedens will furnish the initial four-fold nap mat. However, the administrative staff charges future replacements to your child’s account. Children need to bring nap items such as a small pillow and lightweight cover that will fit in a small cubbyPlease label all items and launder weekly.




Tuition rates vary depending upon the child/staff ratios for each age-level. The director adjusts the tuition rates on an annual basis. The school divides tuition into equal monthly payments and does not reduce payments due to student absences, vacations, weather-related closures, or school holidays. If your child must be absent for an extended period due to illness or personal crisis, special consideration may be given with the director’s approval.

Monthly tuition is divided by 20, multiplied by the number of days attending. We will not prorate once your child starts the program.


Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is late after the 10th. A late fee of $20 is applied on the 11th of the month. An additional fee of $20.00 is applied on the 25th of the month, if tuition is not paid in full. Twice-monthly and weekly payment plans are available. A payment agreement obtained from the director must be filled out and signed.

Families with multiple children enrolled will receive a 10% discount on tuition for each additional child after the first one.

Friedens Early Learning Academy accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check (There is a $40 fee for all returned checks)
  • Money Order
  • Visa/MasterCard (convenience fee of 3.75% will be applied *rate subject to change)
  • EFT (If a checking account is used there is no fee however a convenience fee of 3.75% will be applied if credit card is used *rate subject to change)

Please place all payments in the gray lock box outside the preschool office.

You may change your child’s schedule (if there are openings to do so) and payment plan once per school year, provided a 30-day notice is given. This policy is non-negotiable and will be strictly enforced. Forms are located in the office.

If you have a balance other than zero, you will receive a tuition statement on or about the 25th of each month for the following month. Accounts not paid in full by the end of the month, will result in discontinuation of students enrollmentOnce an account becomes current, providing space is available, we will reinstate the student. FELA submits all unpaid accounts to a collection agency for recovery of funds.


A two-week notice is required when you are withdrawing from the school. This enables the office to close the account and notify families on our waiting list. Failure to provide written notice may result in additional charges.



Parents are to arrive on time to pick up their children. Any parent picking up a child after 12:30 for half-day or 6pm for full-day students is late. A late fee of $1 per minute is charged. FELA adds this fee to your next month’s billing statement. The Procare clock at the preschool check in station determines exact time.




Allow the child some time to become familiar with his/her new school by making an informal visit to the school to meet the teacher, classmates and become familiar with the surroundings.

On your child’s first day of school, try to allow extra time for your child to transition into his/her classroom. Always remember to tell your child bye. There are times when separation problems occur, and the teacher will cue the parent as to when to leave. Most often, once the parent has exited, the child becomes easier to calm and becomes involved in the planned daily activities. Please do not allow drop off time to exceed 10 minutes.

New children may not always be willing to engage in activities at first but are content to watch. Many children use this time to learn about routine, meet new friends, and build self-confidence. Your child, in the beginning, may not be ready to share his school experiences with you. One way you can stay involved is to be aware of the weekly planned activities, so you can ask relevant questions promoting conversation about your child’s day.

Current lesson plans are posted outside the class on the parent information board to keep you informed. You will also find information pertaining to special activities or birthdays.

Substitute teachers are in the classrooms at times, due to illness, vacation, staff training, or emergencies. Our floaters are always our first choice for substitute teaching. Be assured that all substitutes meet the same requirements as teachers before they can work in a classroom.


Friedens Early Learning Academy encourages children to bring items from home that they have made or found, or an experience to share at their “sharing time.” Some examples are:

  • Pictures drawn
  • Nature items (leaves, bugs, shells)
  • Family pictures

Children can also bring special books or CD's from home to share with the class. Please refrain from bringing DVD’s. Please label all items from home with the child’s name. FELA does not allow the following items: pretend weapons, personal toys, candy, gum, or pretend make-up. The teacher will confiscate the items and return them at the end of the day.


Children entering the three-year-old program must be toilet trained. Our policy on toilet training is to assist the parents in training their child in a positive and non-stressful manner. Here at Friedens Early Learning Academy, we believe that a toilet-trained child is a child who can do the following:

  1. Be able to tell an adult he/she has to go BEFORE he/she has to go. The child must be able to say the words “I have to go potty.” BEFORE he/she has to go.
  2. Be able to pull down underwear and pants and get them back up without assistance.
  3. Be able to wipe themselves after using the toilet.
  4. Be able to get on and off the toilet by themselves.
  5. Be able to wash and dry hands.
  6. Be able to postpone going if he/she must wait for someone who is in the bathroom.

If you feel your child is showing signs of readiness, please discuss it with your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will provide you with a more detailed potty training policy to help aid in your child’s potty training experience. FELA only allows disposable diapers and pull-ups with refastenable sides during the toilet training process. No cloth diapers are allowed.


Each child is given a cubby in the classroom. Parents are required, at all times, to provide the school with a complete set of extra clothes for their child. The children wear smocks during messy and painting activities, but accidents do happen. Please dress your child in clothing that is comfortable, size appropriate, and suited for active weather-related play. Clothing should promote and foster self-help skills. Please try not to dress your child in anything that may restrict the ability to care for his/her own bathroom needs. If a child should wet or soil his clothes, the teacher will assist the child in cleaning up and changing into clean clothes. The dirty clothes will be placed in a plastic bag and put in the child’s cubby. The school does not wash soiled clothing. If a parent does not provide the school with extra clothes, or the child uses the extra set of clothes, FELA will contact the parent to bring in another set of clothes for their child. Please replace items with clean ones as they are used, seasons change, or children grow. Please label all articles of clothing with the child’s name. FELA is not responsible for lost items.

Shoes should be size appropriate and well fitted. Gym shoes or shoes with a rubber sole are ideal. Friedens Early Learning Academy does not allow sandals, cowboy boots, or open toed shoes. The facility does not allow children wearing inappropriate footwear on the playground.


Biting is a behavior that is linked to the age development of the child. Educators describe biting as a way of sensory exploration and communication. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis. The school has implemented the following policy:

  • When a bite occurs, the biter will assist in the first aid of the child who was bitten.
  • The teacher will fill out an incident report for both children.
  • Both sets of parents will be informed of the incident.
  • No names will be exchanged.
  • A parent/teacher/director conference may be called to discuss behavior if child bites again at which time we will develop a behavioral plan.
  • After the third bite the director will use her discretion to determine if the biter will be removed from class and sent home.
  • After the fourth bite, another conference is scheduled, which could result in the removal from the school program.
  • Failure to comply with the conference request or refusal to help with behavioral redirection at any point could result in the child being removed to leave the program.


Outdoor play is a vital part of the child’s school day. FELA bases outdoor activities on the following criteria: temperature, wind chill factor, heat index, and the age of the children. The administrative staff will make the final decision in extreme weather conditions. A child must have a signed written excuse from his/her doctor if play is restricted.


All children should be in classrooms by 8:30am. Please note that 3 unexcused tardies could result in dismissal. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure his/her child arrives to school on time. Late arrivals disrupt the current activities and make it more challenging for the child to engage. Teachers are not always in a position to greet late arrivals and introduce them to daily activities. Children who arrive late miss their snack and may become hungry and fussy for the rest of the morning. The children lie down for naps as a group. The child who has slept in and arrives late may not be sleepy at naptime and may disturb the other children who are sleeping. Teachers use this part of the day to prepare their activities for the following day. Children who do not sleep make it difficult to do so. Friedens Early Learning Academy does not accept children during nap time.


Your child’s physical and emotional well-being is very important to us; therefore, Friedens Early Learning Academy established the following rules:

  • FELA is a phone free zone. Please leave cell phones in your vehicle. This allows you to be attentive to your child and teacher. Children may have exciting things to share with you about their day while the information is still fresh on their minds.
  • Closely monitor children from the time they exit the car until a parent signs them into the classroom with a teacher.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle on Friedens property.
  • Students arriving after 8:30am will be met at the entrance by a staff member and taken to class to minimize distractions.
  • Licensing requires children to be signed in/out each day by a parent/guardian.
  • Never send a sibling into the classroom to pick up a minor child.
  • The parent is responsible for the child once he/she is signed out.
  • FELA will release children only to the person(s) on the pick-up authorization form. Please stop by the office to make additions or deletions as needed. A written request is required and must specify the date, or parents can stop by and add them to the list. Anyone picking up must be able to provide picture ID. The preschool office will photocopy all identification for our records.
  • Friedens Early Learning Academy will not release any child to a parent/guardian who appears intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. We will notify local law enforcement and report such occurrence to the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.

Please make your child’s teacher aware of any changes that may affect his/her school day. Please notify the preschool office if your child is absent due to illness or vacation. There is no prorated tuition offered for illness, vacation, or school weather/related closings.


Parents are responsible for sending snacks and lunch. All snacks/lunch must be nutritious in content. Sodas and candy are not nutritious and, therefore, prohibited at school. In minimum standards it states: “we must not serve beverages with added sugars, such as carbonated beverages, fruit punch, or sweetened milk except for a special occasion such as a holiday or birthday.” Due to this we are a white milk and water facility only. Please save fruit juice, soda, capri suns/kool-aid jammers, chocolate milk and other sweetened drinks for home. Please cut foods in half that are potential choking hazards, such as grapes, cherry tomatoes, hot dogs and meatballs. Hot dogs should always be cut lengthwise and then cut into smaller pieces, if desired. Please include a fork or spoon if needed, and a napkin in the lunchbox. All meals should be assembled beforehand. Food items that require “warming” need a microwaveable safe container and should take only 1 minute or less to reheat. Lunches are stored in the child’s classroom, so any items requiring refrigeration need a cold pack. Please label all snack and lunch items with your child’s first and last name. Make sure cups and lids are clearly marked with your child’s first and last name. Teachers serve snack twice a day (AM and PM). This is not breakfast, but a snack, so please send snack food items only. FELA does not serve food in the classroom after snack has ended.

FAST students are provided with a nutritious snack daily throughout the NISD school year. Snack is not served to FAST students during summer. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their child has enough food for am/pm snack, as well as lunch.

You must have prior authorization from the preschool office to bring snacks for children other than your own. Store bought cakes/cupcakes and other food items may be brought to school for birthdays or other special occasions.


FELA provides a private comfortable area for mothers who would like to breast feed their children while they are in our care.



All parties will take place at lunchtime. The director determines the date and time for the party. Friedens Early Learning Academy celebrates the following:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter


Birthdays are a fun and exciting event in the life of a child. The teacher and administrative staff are happy to help you celebrate this occasion. Parents who wish to bring refreshments must arrange with the teacher in advance. We prefer items be store bought. Teachers celebrate birthdays at lunch or afternoon snack time.

Teachers will distribute birthday invitations for parties held away from school provided everyone in the class receives an invitation.


An ill child belongs at home. FELA will not admit any child who appears ill unless a doctor has approved his /her attendance in writing. Children sent home due to fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, may return 24 hours after symptoms have subsided. The 24-hour guideline for fever is important since fever often reoccurs during the day. If a parent feels their child is too sick to play outdoors, he/she should stay at home. FELA does not accept sleeping children, whether well or ill, in the center. To protect the health of all children at Friedens Early Learning Academy, a teacher can send a child home if his behavior indicates he/she is ill.

The purpose of this illness policy is to provide the parent with information on procedures and guidelines used by the school to implement its health policy. If a child becomes ill at school, we call parents immediately and the child is isolated from the other students. If we are unable to reach the parents, we will call emergency contacts. Students are to go home within one hour of contacting parents/emergency contacts. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission Minimum Standards uses the following guidelines to determine whether to send a child home:

  1. The illness prevents a child from participating comfortably in childcare activities, including outdoor play.
  2. The illness results in a greater need for care than caregiver can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children in care.
  3. The child has one of the following, unless medical evaluation by healthcare professional indicates that you can include the child in the childcare centers activities:
  1. Oral temperature of 101 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness;
  2. Rectal temperature of 102 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness;
  3. Armpit temperature of 100 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness;
  4. Symptoms and signs of possible severe illness such as lethargy, abnormal breathing, uncontrolled diarrhea, two or more vomiting episodes in 24 hours, rash with fever, mouth sores with drooling, behavior changes, or other signs that the child may be severely ill;
  1. A health-care professional has diagnosed the child with a communicable disease, and the child does not have medical documentation to indicate that he/she is no longer contagious.


Flu Exclusion – For the health of our students and staff, we require a student who has been diagnosed with flu to remain at home for an additional 3 days after being fever free for 24 hours.

Lice Exclusion – Students who are found to have head lice will be sent home immediately. To prevent an epidemic, we require that students who contact head lice remain at home until hair is completely free of live lice and all nits. Upon returning to FELA, the student’s hair will be inspected to determine that the hair is lice free.

Molluscum Contagiosum- Students who are found to have molluscum contagiosum will be sent home and may not return until the have obtained a written statement from their doctor stating the stating they are no longer contagious.

COVID –19- Students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will be excluded from care 14 days after diagnosis. Students or anyone in their household who have come into contact with a person known to have COVID-19 will be excluded from care for 14 days and or 2 negative -19 tests


Friedens Early Learning Academy believes that the health and wellbeing of its students, their families, and employees are of the utmost importance. Therefore, we retain the right at any time to prohibit any person from entering our facility based on the following criteria:

  • A temperature of 100.0 or above;
  • Signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and low grade fever;
  • In the previous 14 days has had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of the concerned contagious illness; is under investigation of the concerned illness; or is ill with a respiratory illness; or
  • If in the previous 14 days has travelled internationally to countries or other known states or areas with widespread, sustained community transmission.

We ask that parents please be considerate and understand that children can be asymptomatic while carrying contagions. Please be aware and alert to your children’s behaviors and emotional conditions; if your child appears to be acting in a less than normal way, please do not put the health of others at risk. Keep your child(ren) home.

Please understand that the management staff of FELA has wide latitude in the decision of excluding care based upon your child’s current physical condition and behavioral changes. Again, it’s FELA’s policy to protect the health and well being of not only your child, but also the health and well-being of our staff and other children and families.

Before entering Friedens Early Learning Academy, a screening of all individuals will be performed. “All individuals” includes: essential church staff and volunteers, FELA staff, persons with legal authority to enter, including law enforcement officers, HHSC Child Care Licensing staff, and Department of Family and Protective Services staff; professionals providing services to children; children enrolled in the center, parents and authorized pick-ups who have children enrolled in the center and are deemed necessary by FELA management to enter the facility, all persons must pass the above mentioned criteria.

In order to further protect our students and staff, FELA reserves the right to limit access exclusively to essential staff and children enrolled in the program. We ask that parents or people dropping off or picking up do not enter to building. During this time pick up and drop off will be done outside to lower the risk of infection coming into our facility. A temperature will be taken, and hand sanitizing will be done before anyone can enter including staff and children.



The director or person in charge will administer all medication with a teacher present. Any medications administered to the child during the school day must accompany a signed written medical form obtained from the office complete with written information for dispensing medication. FELA does not give medication based on verbal consent. All medications must:

  • Be in original container
  • Be labeled with the date (if prescribed)
  • If prescription, include name of physician prescribing medication.
  • Be sent with dispensing spoon, cup, or dropper to administer the medication.
  • Never be sent in child’s lunchbox or backpack for us to administer.
  • Be dropped off with authorization forms in the preschool office.

When Medication is administered staff members initial and record the time and date children received the medicine. Any over the counter medicine that states “consult physician” for child’s age range requires a written prescription from his/her physician. FELA does not administer medication after its expiration date. Medications left at school are kept in the director’s office out of reach of children. Refrigerated medicines are kept in the office refrigerator in a locked box.

Please take responsibility for your child when they are ill. If your child has a fever during the night, please do not medicate and send him/her to school. Once the medication wears off and the fever returns you have exposed the class and teacher to the potential illness. The FELA staff does not give fever medication.


Additional medical paperwork is required for any child that has a diagnosed food allergy. Parents should discuss the child’s allergies with the child’s teacher so they can work together to create a learning environment that is fun and safe.


Children do not usually participate in water activities during the 9-month school session other than water tables in the class or water related teaching lessons. During the summer, FELA may have an occasional water day where sprinklers and water tables are used. Teachers provide advance notification so that children can bring appropriate clothing. Friedens Early Learning Academy does not participate in the use of wading pools.


Any animal placed in the classroom as a pet, must follow the Minimum Standards and Guidelines of The Texas Health and Human Services Commission.



All children at Friedens Early Learning Academy enjoy chapel services twice a week. This is facilitated through live chapel once a week with our pastors and an enrichment DVD series titled Lil’ K. The children interact, sing songs, pray, learn Bible verses and watch stories in animation from the Bible.

SPANISH Children will also be given the opportunity to participate in learning the Spanish language. This occurs during one semester twice a week.


Children will also be given the opportunity to participate in learning sign language. This occurs during one semester twice a week.


Children enjoy music daily. All classrooms are equipped with a radio/CD player, and age appropriate CD’s that teachers use to enhance the learning environment in the classroom. The children have music with the music teacher once a week. Music is from September to May. Students and teachers sing, practice for special programs, and experience music with creative movements.



Parents play a critical and essential role in the life and success of any school program. Your suggestions, comments, and goals are important and always welcomed.


FELA invites parents to share hobbies, careers, and cultural celebrations with the children. All special activities are scheduled and shared in advance in the monthly newsletter. Please arrange a time and day with your child’s teacher, if interested.

Teachers always welcome parents to serve as classroom volunteers to help with special projects.


FELA participates in a fall and spring fundraiser. All families are strongly encouraged to participate. All money raised goes to purchase items for the classroom, new playground equipment, and mulch for the playground.


You are encouraged to make an appointment with your child’s teacher or director any time you have a question, concern, or idea to share. If parents require further clarification or are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the director/teacher, they will be referred to the center’s board president.



As a professional courtesy, any parent/guardian wanting to visit their child’s class should contact the child’s teacher before going into the classroom. Please do not stay longer than thirty minutes at a time. If visiting during an instructional period or activity, please do not distract the child, as this is a vital part of his/her learning day.



Friedens Early Learning Academy will protect the safety and rights of a child according to the court order we have on file. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide us with such documentation. In the absence of a court order, both parents have equal legal rights. The school assumes no legal liability if such a document is not on file in our office. The administrative staff and teachers will not involve themselves in any custody battles.



In the event we need to evacuate our building, the school staff would exit the building the same way they would do during a fire drill. We would relocate to Navarro High School, 6350 North State Highway 123, Seguin, Texas 78155. The children would travel by private vehicles. The administrative staff would use all available teachers and cars to transport children. Church staff, as well as parents who work in the immediate area, would be called into service. If enough transportation were not available here at school, we would call 911 and request emergency transportation. FELA would inform parents through the Remind app, radio/TV and the use of social media of our location inside the building.


In case of illness or injury during school hours, the staff follows the following procedures:

If nonlife threatening but serious and If relatively minor injury (bleeding, cuts to head, eyes, ears, nose)

  • Staff will administer first aid
  • Notify one or both parents
  • Complete incident form

Minor Injury (scrapes, small bumps, bites)

  • Staff will administer first aid
  • Complete Incident form
  • Notify parent at the end of the day


Friedens United Church of Christ carries liability insurance that exceeds THHSC requirements. Our insurance carrier is Guide One. Additional information is available in the church office.


  • One or more adults must supervise children at all times.
  • Closed toe shoes should be worn by children on the playground.
  • Posted playground rules must be followed by students and parents at all times.


The facility ensures the following traffic precautions for the safety of all children:

  • The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 MPH
  • No double parking
  • Park only in designated spaces
  • Never leave a child unattended in the vehicle
  • Be aware of children that may be separated from their parents



When you choose a licensed day care, you and your family join your child in new experiences and relationships. You, the center director, childcare staff, and other people in the childcare center have a responsibility to protect the health, safety, and well-being of your child. The Texas Health Services and Licensing Division is part of this partnership, too.

What is Daycare Licensing?

  • The licensing division was established by law to regulate childcare facilities to help protect the health, safety, and well-being of children in care.
  • With the assistance of childcare providers and experts in areas such as child development, early childhood education, fire safety, health, and sanitation, the licensing division develops Minimum Standards.
  • Licensing staff inspects daycare centers to be sure that Minimum Standards are met. The staff also investigates complaints about violations of the Minimum Standards and the childcare licensing law.

It is important for you to know:

  • When you visit a daycare facility, ask to see a licensing report. The license means that the daycare has met the minimum licensing standards the last time it was inspected.
  • Minimum Standards prohibit persons who have been convicted of certain crimes from having contact with children in care.
  • They are called Minimum Standards because no one is allowed to operate below these standards.
  • A copy of the Minimum Standards is available for you to review at the daycare facility. The PRS website is: www.tdprs.state.tx.us and the information on line is at 1-800-862-5252.

To establish a good relationship with the daycare facility:

  • Spend time at the daycare facility before you enroll your child.
  • Work with the staff of the daycare facility you choose.
  • Read all the material the daycare provider gives you.
  • Pick your child up on time.
  • Discuss concerns with the daycare director.

When your child starts daycare:

  • Remember that it is normal for a child to have some fears and misgivings about starting daycare. Prepare your children for the change as far in advance as possible.
  • Some children will act out their feelings by improper behavior. Work with the school to overcome these feelings.

Talk things over with your child:

  • Each day talk with your child about their feelings about their school. Share excitement or concerns.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • The daycare facility gets information and records from parents to ensure the child's health and safety. You must provide the information so that the facility will comply with Minimum Standards.
  • Complete all enrollment forms.
  • Tell the caregiver about any special needs or concerns.
  • Give a copy of your child's immunization record. For school age children, you can sign a statement that these records are on file at the primary school.
  • Provide a doctor's statement that your preschool child is physically able to participate in the daycare program.
  • Inform the facility in writing about who is permitted to take your child from the facility.
  • An older sibling may pick up a child if you request this in writing, and all safety considerations have been met.
  • Make sure that the childcare staff knows the child has arrived and knows when your child leaves.
  • Other requirements must be met if the daycare provider gives medication to your child, if your child is an infant, or if your child needs special care or a special diet.

What happens if your child is ill or injured?

  • The daycare facility is not allowed to admit a child who seems to be sick unless a doctor or nurse gives approval in writing.
  • If your child has been absent because of a contagious illness, the facility must follow guidelines concerning when the child can return to care.
  • If your child appears sick or seriously injured while at the center, the caregiver must call you immediately. It is important that you pick up your child as soon as possible.
  • If your child needs immediate medical attention, the center must call for an ambulance. The center must have authorization for medical emergency care.

Liability insurance requirements:

  • Ask the director whether the facility carries liability insurance. Texas law requires the facility to carry liability insurance.
  • Liability insurance is not required if the insurance cannot be secured due to financial reasons, if the license is unable to locate an underwriter, or if current policy limits have been extended. You are to be notified, in writing, that coverage is unavailable.

Take a good look:

  • Look for the center's strong points, but also be aware of warning signals that tell you something is wrong.

Feel secure when you see that:

  • The facility welcomes you to visit anytime.
  • Staff is alert and involved with children.
  • Staff seems warm and interested in children.
  • Staff is gentle, but firm when necessary.
  • The facility is clean and attractive.
  • Your child is relaxed and happy after the adjustment period.
  • Your child seems physically well cared for, and staff informs you of minor accidents or illness.
  • Children seem involved with constructive activities and get individual attention.

Be seriously concerned when you see that:

  • Children are left without direct supervision.
  • Adults scold and yell at children.
  • The building is dirty, or you see unsafe conditions.
  • Adults are physically rough with children or allow rough play.
  • A child comes home bruised or injured and the center cannot explain what happened.
  • Children seem aimless, bored, angry or frustrated, or there are too many children to supervise.

When things aren't going well:

Talk about the things that displease you with the staff. There may be a miscommunication that can easily be resolved. If the problem is not resolved and you feel Minimum Standards are not being met, call the local daycare licensing office and ask for their advice. A licensing representative will investigate your complaint. If a standard has been violated, the facility will be notified, and a time set for the facility to correct it. Licensing may revoke a license if a facility doesn't meet Minimum Standards. The department does not take action to revoke a license unless children are in immediate danger or the licensee refuses to comply with standards.

If You Suspect Child Abuse

Child abuse is rare, but if you suspect your child has been abused or sexually molested, report the situation immediately. Use the toll-free Child Abuse Hotline number (1-800-252-5400), available 24 hours a day. The situation will be investigated immediately, and you will be given referrals for help for your child and family. Should agency staff interview or examine your child during an abuse investigation, a reasonable effort will be made to notify you with 24 hours after the interview or examination. Parents who suspect that their child has been abused sometimes remove their child from care but don’t report the problem. This leaves other children in danger. State law requires everyone to report suspected child abuse or neglect immediately. When a report of suspected child abuse is made in good faith, you are immune from any liability. The identity of the complainant is not revealed.

For information about local licensing offices, look on the Protective and Regulatory Services website at: www.tdprs.state.tx.us. The Childcare Information line at 1-800-862-5252 also has information about local licensing offices.